Visibility – Our Server Monitoring Service


The basic concept of our ‘Visibility’ server monitoring service is to ensure your server infrastructure is functioning as it should be.
Visibility server monitoring allows us to proactively pick up on any issues or vulnerabilities the server or staff workstations might have, before the issue causes downtime or data loss.



The Problem

We’ve recently run into issues with some data backup systems failing.
This has resulted in several months worth of lost work and business disruption for these clients, not to mention considerable expense to recover and restore this data.

Although most backup systems will email you a weekly or failure report, these critical emails can be all too easy to miss.

This can lead to data loss and significant downtime if you have no access to your critical files.

The Solution

Allowing Respond IT to have our Visibility software installed on your critical equipment means we’ll be able to detect, prevent and resolve issues (like failed backups and hard drives) faster and more accurately.

This will result in much less chance of a pre-failure issue or backup being missed.

We can then help prevent any untimely disruptions by resolving these issues in a scheduled and planned manner, instead of your equipment failing at a critical deadline.

As an added benefit, subscribing to Visibility also covers the first 15 minutes of our labour* to investigate any issue detected, so if the fault is easily resolved, we can take care of it for you right then and there… without an additional bill to you.

*This applies to telephone and remote labour. Travel and onsite labour is still chargeable.

Visibility monitors and reports on your:

Drive ErrorsAre your files stored on stable drives?
BackupAre your backups current, when did they last run?
CrashesIs your equipment stable and reliable?
MalwareDo you have any malicious software installed?
BatteriesAre your laptop batteries and Server UPS in good condition?
Last RestartHow long has it been since your equipment has had a restart?
Network ErrorsIs your network performing well?
Disk SpaceDo you have enough free space for additional files?
POSTDid your computer ‘Power On System Test’ complete? (Apple only)
Drive AvailabilityDo you have access to all of your files?


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